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A Mighty Fortress Is Our God by Steve Green

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On Voting – fourth in a series – by Pastor Tedd

Published October 28, 2016

It’s a humbling thing to consider the matter of voting. + If you voted in 2012, you were one of more than 120 million Americans who cast ballots. + Seeing the political signs in the front yards of my neighborhood, it appears I’ll be cancelling out their vote & they mine. + Even our church family will not likely vote as a solid block. I plan to write in a man’s name for president; I’d guess some church members have a 3rd Party Candidate who will receive their vote; still others will vote for one of the mainline candidates. Some […]

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Past elections: ‘dire’ Christian predictions not new

Published October 28, 2016

INTRO from PASTOR TEDD… This article is a good reminder that believers ultimately are people who hope in God and shape their lives in accordance with the promised return of Christ (Titus 2:11-14; I John 3:1-3). Sadly, there’s something about presidential elections that tempt us to forget who’s actually in control. We end up making truth claims about the future we really have no business saying. In II Timothy 3 the Apostle Paul tells Timothy what it will be like in the last days (and it ain’t pretty!). But then he gives these quieting, authoritative words: “You however, continue on in […]

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LifeWay pulls Hatmaker books over LGBT views

Published October 28, 2016

INTRO from PASTOR TEDD…  An article about LifeWay pulling books and study materials of popular author and speaker Jen Hatmaker may seem an odd thing to post on our website. I bring it to your attention for two reasons: First, with the internet and social media (Facebook, etc), people have the opportunity to have an immense influence and gain a following, virtually from around the world. For example, more than 600,000 people connect (‘friend’) Hatmaker on Facebook. It used to be that what someone was saying in the name of Christ (sound or unsound, true or false) would require time to […]

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Every Click Counts by David Mathis

Published October 7, 2016

We have a large-screen television on the wall in our offices. It’s become a favorite show-and-tell spot when we give guests a tour of our space. It’s a boring screen, in one sense — no movies or fancy graphics, but just a dashboard of the current traffic to the website. But once you learn what the numbers mean, you get a sense of the significance. The main purpose of the screen is to remind our team, as we write and edit and craft social media, that tens of thousands of real-live users access the site each day. The dashboard stays […]

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Info On Prophecy Conference this week at CSU-P

Published October 3, 2016

AN EXTREMELY BRIEF PRIMER ON 7TH DAY ADVENTISTS I’m writing this because last week a full-color flyer was mass-mailed in our area announcing a prophecy conference to be held at the local university. I had several people ask me about the conference so I did some research as to who is sponsoring it. I’ve concluded it’s a function of the 7th Day Adventists. There’s nothing in the flyer that states this; I had to ‘google’ the name of the speaker, Mike Sady, to find out who he is. When I did, the links associated with his name consistently identified him […]

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Stop the Revolution. Join the Plodders. – By Kevin DeYoung

Published September 21, 2016

It’s sexy among young people—my generation—to talk about ditching institutional religion and starting a revolution of real Christ-followers living in real community without the confines of church. Besides being unbiblical, such notions of churchless Christianity are unrealistic. It’s immaturity actually, like the newly engaged couple who think romance preserves the marriage, when the couple celebrating their golden anniversary know it’s the institution of marriage that preserves the romance. Without the God-given habit of corporate worship and the God-given mandate of corporate accountability, we will not prove faithful over the long haul. What we need are fewer revolutionaries and a few more […]

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45 Reasons Why You Have A House – Pastor Tedd

Published September 7, 2016

To have neighbors So you can pray for neighbors So you can have neighbors into your home to play a game, enjoy a snack, or a meal So you can have people into your house from your church family To have a place for the cat to leave his fur To have a place a dog can learn silly tricks To get to know the vet when the dog eats the Hot Wheels collection To pray for the vet To start a from-home job to pay the vet To sleep in To eat in To offer up to God to […]

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My Sin Makes Me Worry If I am Really Saved — by John Hendryx

Published August 19, 2016

  ONCE IN A WHILE I will receive an email like the following from someone who is worried that some sin they have committed may have crossed the place of no return to God’s favor. Visitor: Even after I was sealed for the day of redemption, I still have sinned against God. I continue to fight addicting sin(s), and though most of the time I defeat the sin, sometimes I foolishly give in to it. I’m so sorry that I have given in to foolish and sinful lusts, and all I want to do is to cast away those actions […]

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On Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, Sabbaths and the Glory of Christ — by Pastor Tedd

Published August 3, 2016

  Several years ago, our family traveled to Europe and discovered that Germany and France had some laws that while similar, were different than those of the United States. Don’t worry, your pastor kept his nose clean and didn’t end up in a French pokey. Just like law codes differing between countries, in the Bible there are distinct law codes for different times & people. Not recognizing those distinctives can make the Bible quite confusing. And unbelievers can accuse of us cherry picking what’s sin and what isn’t because they (or we) fail to recognize the distinctions. But more importantly, intentional blending or ignoring the […]

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