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Singing the Psalms

In our Summer in the Psalms sermon series, we have found some helps. Authors of our day have taken the words of the psalms and put them in poetic form we can sing to familiar hymn tunes. Below are the lyrics to Psalm 2 and Psalm 3. I’d encourage you to keep them by your Bible and sing them on occasion.   – Pastor Tedd

Psalm 2
Tune: Crown Him With Many Crowns

Why do the nations rage? The people plot in vain?
The kings and rulers of this age against God’s holy name?
They in their mortal reign oppose the Holy One.
We cast asunder all these chains, our bonds shall be undone!

Declares the Lord His scorn, He from His heaven laughs;
as anger flashes hot to warn and terrify in wrath.
Yet I have, as for Me, According to My will
Set My Anointed King to be on Zion’s holy hill.

Now God’s Anointed One shall tell of this decree
He said, “Thou are My Son, I have begotten Thee.”
To Thee as Thy domain, As Thou has asked of Me;
The ends of earth, for Thee to reign, so Thine estate shall be.

Rule Thou the lands abroad, the nations shall Thou shake,
As earthenware with iron rod, their kingdoms shalt Thou break.
O king, throw off the crown, Be warned, O judge of earth;
Before the Lord, bow trembling down and there proclaim His worth.

Give homage to the Son, Lest He give anger sway,
Lest thou be in His wrath undone and perish in the way.
The blessed, drawing near, Whom He declare His own,
Adore His name in holy fear in refuge at His throne.

Psalm 3
Tune: He Leadeth Me

LORD, look! All those who cast their lot,
To topple me, how vast their plot!
The rumor grows and many say,
“God will not carry him today.”
But You, Oh Lord, became my shield,
A buckler and a flag to wield;
My glory, and the One who lifts
My head to resolution, swift.

I’m calling out to God who wills,
He answers from His holy hill.
While I lie down, in sleep restored,
My confidence lies with the Lord.
I’m confident though thousands stride,
Assailing me on every side.
My Lord! Deliver, now arise!
My God, my ally, right on time.

Lord, strike them all, don’t hesitate,
To break corruption’s teeth, don’t wait.
Your terms and venue, my rescue,
And God’s deliverance shall be true.
Bless now Your people in Your will;
Anoint us Lord, Your servants fill.
Lord, bless us now, don’t compromise
For you, YAHWEH alone, are wise!


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