45 Reasons Why You Have A House

Published October 2, 2020

I wrote this back in 2016. While it contains a dose of attempted humor and practical     observations, it is rooted in the expectation Christ’s people will be hospitable. And practicing hospitality invariably includes the use of our house. Our preaching series from I Peter brings up hospitality. “Be hospitable to one another without complaint” – I Peter 4:9. Throughout the book we learn that his readers were experiencing suffering because of their identity with Christ. Peter tells them that this is not only to be expected, it is designed by God to confirm and purify their faith in Christ. […]

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Voting as Though Not

Published September 2, 2020

“One of these years I’ll get to vote in an election that won’t be the most important of my lifetime.” – Anonymous Adapted from an essay written in 2016 As we approach voting for a president this fall, consider the long and short of things. Look at what Paul tells people about marriage in I Cor. 7:29-31: But this I say, brethren, the time has been shortened, so that from now on those who have wives should be as though they had none;30 and those who weep, as though they did not weep; and those who rejoice, as though they did not […]

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Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me – Bitterness and Its Bitter Consequences

Published July 13, 2020

Lessons from the life of Saul of First Samuel See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God – that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble and by it many be defiled. – Hebrews 12:15 A Brief Summary of King Saul and His Bitterness The people of Israel wanted a human king and God gave them one – Saul. They wanted a king like other nations had and God gave them one – Saul. Saul acted like other nations kings – he thought he was top dog and defied God’s commands (15:22)– so God […]

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COVID-19 and Pueblo West Baptist Church

Published April 8, 2020

We have resumed our Sunday Service at 9:00 am with Sunday School following. Below is how we plan to conduct ourselves as a church. We seek to worship our Lord as He is worthy, faithfully, in spirit and in truth, in season and in out.  Regarding meeting time and our building We will meet at 9:00 a.m. for our church service with Sunday school classes to follow in their present places of meeting. Know we work hard to disinfect surfaces that get handled and touched and will continue to do so. A few rows of chairs in our sanctuary have been […]

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COVID-19 Ate Our Fig Leaves By Pastor Allen Nelson

Published April 8, 2020

Novel corona, perennial issue. That issue is, we are all headed toward death. Death is the most final state any living human can enter, though we know there is life after death for some, and eternal dying after death for others. Our culture has forgotten our frailty. Or, it’s not so much that society has forgotten it, so much as people have done a good job at hiding it. Like Adam and Eve, we have donned fig leaves to cover our exposure (Genesis 3:7), only to find that COVDI-19 has eaten them up. And now we are scrambling for a solution. The […]

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Why you would be sinning if you vote for a Democratic candidate in 2020

Published March 9, 2020

By Pastor Tedd Mathis Let me begin by addressing the common idea, “You can’t legislate morality.” Here’s the truth: Not only is morality supposed to be legislated, it always is. The issue is whose morality. According to the Bible, there are three permanent institutions God has ordained to uphold or establish laws and apply them to others. The home: Parents are to instruct and discipline their children (Eph. 6; Proverbs, etc.). The nation: Rulers, kings, governors are ministers of God in authority over those within their boundaries (Romans 13:1-4; I Peter 2:13-17, etc.). The church: Local churches are to give […]

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The common root of women pastors and gay Christianity, Part 4

Published January 15, 2020

Part four of a series —  By Pastor Tedd Mathis Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 O My people! Their oppressors are children, and women rule over them. O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray and confuse the direction of your paths.   — Isaiah 3:12 In this essay I want to show you the connection between the ordaining of women as pastors and the acceptance of gay Christianity. For decades some local churches and denominations have ordained women to the office and function of pastor. Since the 1970s many of those churches have endorsed and celebrated homosexuality, even ordaining LGBTQ […]

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Gay Christianity and the Local Church, Part 3

Published December 30, 2019

Part three of a series —  By Pastor Tedd Mathis Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 It is actually reported that there is immorality among you, and immorality of such a kind as does not exist even among the Gentiles… You have become arrogant and have not mourned instead, so that the one who had done this deed would be removed from your midst… Do you not know a little leaven leavens the whole lump?  – I Corinthians 5 In this essay I address how a local church is to respond when a member practices sexual sin. Since the Lord is the same yesterday, […]

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Why Gay Christianity Is A False Religion, Part 2

Published October 29, 2019

Part two of a series —  By Pastor Tedd Mathis Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 For certain persons have crept in unnoticed…ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ. – Jude 4 From last month’s installment: Today there are two prevailing camps that want you to believe one can be gay and a Christian. They’ve become known as Side A and Side B. Side A Gay Christianity believes there are multiple forms of sexual orientation and practice and all should be embraced by all as gifts from God.  Whatever […]

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Why Gay Christianity Is A False Religion, Part 1

Published September 30, 2019

Part one of a series —  By Pastor Tedd Mathis Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 I’m addressing this topic because the godless assumption behind the idea of gay Christianity inundates us today. My prayer is you read this in accordance with Colossians 2:8 – See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the traditions of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. Here’s what threatens to take us captive: Since the mid 1970’s there has been a concerted effort to teach the […]

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