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45 Reasons Why You Have A House – Pastor Tedd


  1. To have neighbors
  2. So you can pray for neighbors
  3. So you can have neighbors into your home to play a game, enjoy a snack, or a meal
  4. So you can have people into your house from your church family
  5. To have a place for the cat to leave his fur
  6. To have a place a dog can learn silly tricks
  7. To get to know the vet when the dog eats the Hot Wheels collection
  8. To pray for the vet
  9. To start a from-home job to pay the vet
  10. To sleep in
  11. To eat in
  12. To offer up to God to be used for His glory
  13. To paint
  14. To learn how to wash windows without leaving streaks
  15. To teach your children how to wash windows
  16. To show your husband the streaks he left washing the windows
  17. To hold a small library of great books you can read to your children or grandchildren
  18. To read biographies of saints who’ve gone before us
  19. To teach your children how to dust and vacuum and clean a bathroom
  20. To teach your children how to balance a spoon on their finger, but not a butcher knife
  21. To teach your children how to do laundry and make their own bed and take out the trash
  22. To teach your husband…. Never mind
  23. To learn things about roof shingles and replacement windows and that everything man builds wears out and has limitations, even home owners’ insurance
  24. To have a one-on-one Bible study with a friend
  25. To keep the makers of weed killer, toilet bowl cleaner, and Hoover vacuums in business
  26. To come home from work to
  27. To read your Bible and meditate and memorize God’s precious promises
  28. To sing or hum hymns in as you rock a child to sleep
  29. To flirt with your spouse in (this calls for drapes. Closed.)
  30. To laugh in
  31. To weep in
  32. To sternly talk to the cat about cat-nip (if you won’t, who will?)
  33. To race the cat around on its back on the carpet making motorboat sounds (it’s you who should be making the motorboat sounds, not the cat. If the cat is making motorboat sounds please reference #7,8,9)
  34. To store band-aids for scratches from the cat
  35. To teach your children or the neighbor kids how to bake chocolate-chip cookies from scratch
  36. To have a table at which you can help your children learn how to do fractions, or they help you learn how to do fractions
  37. To hang a picture on the wall, 36 times until it’s just right
  38. To learn how much spackle it takes to patch 35 nail holes
  39. To run around with buckets of water and squirt guns when it’s 105 outside
  40. To host missionaries in
  41. To have a rummage sale when the clutter gets higher than the eaves – but not before
  42. To grow old in
  43. To tell stories to your children about the ‘olden days’ and the house you grew up in
  44. To accept joyfully it being taken away from you should that happen (Hebrews 10:32-35)
  45. To be grateful for it but see it for what it is in light of eternity (Hebrews 11:10-16)



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