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How A Young Dad Used Victoria’s Secret To Rightly Teach His Children

By Garrett Kell

Last night my family walked past a Victoria’s Secret store. It was incredible to see how the older kid’s eyes were instinctively drawn to look at the pictures of nearly nude women.

We stepped aside afterward to talk about why they wanted to look and what we could learn from it.

One daughter asked if people only want to look at girls because they are pretty. I assured them that their bodies don’t have to look like a model’s to be beautiful. God made them beautiful in their own way. Pray they believe it. The world lies to young ladies.

I told my son it was natural to be amazed by and drawn to women. Attraction isn’t wrong, but we must never let it lead us to dishonor God or treat women as an object. Women are always to be respected and protected by men. I pray he’ll be a better young man than I was.

I told them that looking at someone’s naked body, even if they say it’s ok, doesn’t honor that person. God has given us bodies to be shared in that way with a spouse, if God gives them one. I explained that most people don’t agree but God’s design is for our protection.

Finally, I explained that we’re drawn to beauty because God is beautiful and we’re created to enjoy Him. All beautiful things in life are little signs pointing our hearts to be amazed by God and love Him. Sin takes good things and twists them to make us look away from God.


Garrett Kell is one of the pastors of Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. He and his wife, Carrie, have five children.



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