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Coming in 2014…

I thank my God always concerning you, for the grace of God,
which was given you in Christ Jesus…
— I Corinthians 1:4

 As we prepare and look forward to a new year together as a church family, know Dawn and I thank our God for you – for many things. For your encouraging words, for your generosity, for your curiosity and delight in the Bible, for your desire to have the person and work of Jesus Christ boldly proclaimed, for the support and encouragement amongst yourselves, for your faithfulness. There are many evidences of God’s grace having been given to you in Christ Jesus.

 As many of you remember, a year ago I was your interim pastor – happily preparing sermons week to week not knowing how long I’d be around! That ‘Kelly Girl’ state has been altered by your decision to call me as your pastor and, happily trusting in the Lord, I’m making plans for 2014. Below are my plans for preaching in 2014.

 Starting in January I want to spend a few Sunday morning sermons reviewing our church covenant. This is the promise – the covenant — each member vows to keep in relationship to the other members that make up Pueblo West Baptist church. Like wedding vows our church covenant is solemn and grace-filled; joyful and weighty. And, like wedding vows, it’s seen in a holistic life not a punch list. I’m looking forward to being taught by and renewing our commitment to one another.

 After that I plan to preach through the book of I Corinthians. Written by the Apostle Paul this letter to the church
at Corinth covers a number of subjects – and they all in some way remain applicable to us today. But equally important is how Paul always, ALWAYS, encourages, reproves, corrects with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Here are some of the issues he addresses:

 + In addressing divisions and jealousy in the local church –  the cure is the Gospel (chapters 1-4)

 + Sexual sin practiced – Paul addresses the impact on the church body and the church’s response according to the Gospel (chapters 5,6)

 + Single, widowed, divorced, married to an unbeliever; betrothed/engaged – the Apostle Paul addresses the many situations adults find themselves in and how being identified with Christ defines us (chapter 7)

 + Gender identity: Our outward appearance and behavior as connected to our manhood and womanhood is defined by Christ who is our Head (chapter 11)

 + Being ‘spiritual’ – how the Holy Spirit equips and gifts people is for the common good of the body of Christ (chapters 12-14)

 Oh, how good our God is to give us everything we need for a life pleasing to Him and our joy as we wait eagerly the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ (I Cor. 1:5-9). I’m looking forward to life together with you in 2014.

 For the glory of Christ and our joy,

 Pastor Tedd


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